Review of Lokians: Book2 They Lurk Among Us


Science Fiction
Lokians: Book 2 They Lurk Among Us
Aaron Dennis
Eternal Press
264 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-61572-804-6

“The flow of time is not a constant. The limitations of man are not concrete. What can one do once the doors behind reality are opened?” With these words author Aaron Dennis begins his novel Lokians: Book 2 They Lurk Among Us. It is a literary work that explores the nature of space-time; as the characters in the story discover strange new species and truths existing in the far reaches of outer space.

Rather than receiving praise and promotion for his heroic efforts in defeating the Lokians, Captian Riley O’Hara is forced to abandon his command. By failing to disclose the details of his previous special operations mission to the President of the North American Union—and in this way breaking protocol (and the law)—O’Hara even faces criminal charges. Yet his resignation from the Navy does not mark the end of his military service. Enlisted by two Bureau members, he now undertakes another secret mission. Meanwhile President Montrose is on a witch hunt; searching for, and prosecuting, every soldier that participated ‘illegally’ in the battle against the Lokians.

In this sequel to Lokians: Beyond the End of the World, the author develops several of the plotlines established in the original story. Dennis also introduces the reader to new life forms, including a Non-Organic Alien Human Hybrid (part human, part Robot, and part Lokian), and a genetically engineered species called the Grays—“human-like aliens with large heads which exist as drones aboard large space faring vessels called Teragons.” More significantly, however, the author reveals the most shocking news of all: the Lokians have managed to take up residence on earth, ruling human affairs from behind the scenes. Yet the nature and scope of this alien infiltration—along with the names of the government officials working in cooperation with the Lokians—remains a mystery.

As in the first book, the drama of the story revolves around the actions of Riley O’Hara: who must discern the reason for the alien hybrids and also deal with the internal and external threat of a Lokian invasion. In addition, after learning that President Montrose has captured his parents in an attempt to bring him in for sentencing (and possibly execution), the former Navy Captain must find a way to protect those closest to him.

Dennis does a good job of interweaving—and at the same time, keeping separate—the two simultaneous stories that constitute the novel. In essence, Lokians: Book 2 They Lurk Among Us is a book that answers certain questions asked in the first work; while setting the stage for the inevitable battle—or full-fledged war—that is about to occur between the Lokians and the human race. Both well written and entertaining, this science-fiction story leaves the reader anticipating the next novel in the series.