Today,  The Bureau introduces Intel on a few races, ones who have rallied together to uphold what is right, and true.

The Yomghua-

The Yomghua are a race with limited mobility. They pose no physical threat on the battlefront. The yellow, stalk-like, aliens possesses two, wide, feet at their base, each with four, short, stocky, toes. They have no visible legs, and walk by slowly moving their long torso forward then inching their feet along the way.

A blue, round head grows from the top of their bodies. Several eyes are designed to look around independently. With two tentacles ending in four fingers, they furiously work on their computers.

The Yomghua reside on planet Kaglar, one of two planets harboring intelligent life, in the Yeslleck system.

The Lemylatians-

The Lemylatians, from Lemylatia, also in Yeslleck system, are a martial people. For years the matriarchal society ravaged their planet with acts…

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