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Seumas Gallacher

…I lay no claim to possession of any deep philosophical verities…but I wanna have yeez indulge me for a couple of minutes in this post…y’see, I’m reading a lot lately on Blogs, and Facebook, and Twitter…the usual suspects…I think maybe it’s something to do with the time of year… lots of new indie authors are bringing their first-born masterpieces on to Kindle…and like most of us when freshly here, hoping, praying, p’raps foolishly even EXPECTING, to ramp up tons and tons of downloads, paid or freebies…well, Truth is, it really seldom works like that, eh, Mabel?…the buzz phrase of the decade is ‘building the platform’…getting a base of PALS on here…that doesn’t mean smacking them in the teeth every ten minutes with pleas to buy yer  babies…au contraire…it’s attraction rather than subversion that works much  better…believe me, I type from experience…Kindle has been more than generous to this ol’…

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