Read From Blood Today

So, I’ve been touting this new work for some time now, and it’s finally ready for some observations and critiquing. For the next few weeks, I will give free PDF copies of the current version of From Blood to anyone interested in reading it, in exchange for critical feedback. A questions, and comments, form will be included.

To whet your appetite, here’s a quick synopsis

Dysart, a castrated mute, travels to his homeland of Volgunther in order to slay a Daemon, who granted him a power from blood.

Wielding blood in many forms, be it runes, brands, or summoning, Dysart must battle his way through several monsters, all the while fighting off his own Daemonic practice. Though imbibing blood grants enhanced abilities, it turns the practitioners of Sang Daemanus into crazed beasts.

So, how can Dysart hope to slay the Daemon, who gave him such a gruesome weapon?

Taught by his grandfather to use the power responsibly, Dysart makes many friends, and enemies, upon the cursed island. He even comes across an opposing practitioner of Sang Daemanus, Tygron, who wishes only for the Daemon, Salamandrus, to continue its reign of terror from the bowels of Volgunther.

E-mail me at or comment here with your e-mail address, and I will send you a PDF copy along with the comments form.

Thanks for your help.


Free Comic Book Day

May 4th, the first Saturday of May, Heroes Haven is having their massive annual event. From free comic books to artists, food, and other assorted fun stuffs, everyone is welcome to drop by and share in this awesome block party.

For more info drop by the site here. Heroes Haven

In celebration of the release of my new novel, and 3rd installment of the Lokians series, Book3 for War and Glory, I’ll be there too. I will not have any print copies of For War and Glory, but I will have other paperbacks, shirts, and stickers for sale.

Hope to see you all soon.