my short stories Lokians

Lokians is my science fiction series. Three full length novels are already available through Eternal Press, and my website

For the most part, it’s hard sci fi with a great deal of action/adventure, but with the changes in the functionality of the Lokians universe-something, which is natural to the stories’ progressions-I wanted to play with some short stories in order to see how the characters reacted when split up; as well as test some new aliens.

The first story, Skirmish (free on smashwords here) was just something I originally whipped up for my Bureau blog in 45 minutes. I mention this because there’s kind of a funny review up. The reviewer makes it sound as though they didn’t enjoy the story, which is fine (to each his own) but still gave it 3 stars. So, I just want to mention that it really isn’t all that great of a story, but hey, it helped me achieve what I needed while writing the third Lokians novel.

The second story, Extraction, was created in a similar fashion, only I wanted to see if Commander Fitzpatrick functioned as a lead character. She’s spunky enough, and intelligent enough, and does well in the third novel. This one is also free on smashwords here.

The third story, The Planet Machine, was created in order to see how the Thewls, benevolent aliens in the Lokians universe, functioned away from Human society. Naturally, I give some details in the first novel when they are originally introduced, but I had fun writing them as separate entities. (Also got to throw in a Bureau agent in at the end for those who are familiar with the novels.) You can read this one free here.

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My short stories Expedition


Expedition was another one of those stories I wrote for myself. Having been engrossed in writing science fiction novels at the time, I wanted to try my hand at a fantasy adventure; a brutal one. My intent was to practice a bit before tackling a full length novel.

For this short I wanted to create a dreary, depressing, and frightening atmosphere. It really wasn’t too difficult. I just placed some warriors who were guarding an expedition through uncharted lands on an island, which was trying to kill them.

What starts as bad luck quickly turns to horror when on of the sojourners goes feral. After that, those who remain are simply trying to find a way off the island. Unfortunately, their vessel was blown to bits at the beginning.

What’s great about this story is that helped me to create the atmosphere for a full length novel. My newest work, From Blood, is a sort of continuation of Expedition. So, if you think you’re ready for little wolf-men, an crotchety wizard, and an evil island, go read Expedition. It’s free.

My Short Stories Hunting


Hunting is one of those stories I wrote more for myself than an audience, but it isn’t bad. I was still back at the beginning of my writing career (before it was a career) and thought I might make a go at writing horror shorts.

It’s a little weird as our protagonist has becomes slightly deranged due to circumstance, but Mr. Gray likes killing zombies. On occasion he leaves notes on how to survive; hence the zombie survival guide at the introduction.

If you like killing zombies then go read this short. It’s free here

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My short stories Eudora


Eudora was my very first story. I think I wrote it back in April or May of 2011. It sparked my whole career, so I published it free to Smashwords along with other shorts.

This one is about a young woman whose father locked her in a basement for several years. She’s later found by her grandparents. They try to clean her up, send her to school, and civilize her, but things don’t work out too well.

Check it out here

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