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My short stories Expedition


Expedition was another one of those stories I wrote for myself. Having been engrossed in writing science fiction novels at the time, I wanted to try my hand at a fantasy adventure; a brutal one. My intent was to practice a bit before tackling a full length novel.

For this short I wanted to create a dreary, depressing, and frightening atmosphere. It really wasn’t too difficult. I just placed some warriors who were guarding an expedition through uncharted lands on an island, which was trying to kill them.

What starts as bad luck quickly turns to horror when on of the sojourners goes feral. After that, those who remain are simply trying to find a way off the island. Unfortunately, their vessel was blown to bits at the beginning.

What’s great about this story is that helped me to create the atmosphere for a full length novel. My newest work, From Blood, is a sort of continuation of Expedition. So, if you think you’re ready for little wolf-men, an crotchety wizard, and an evil island, go read Expedition. It’s free.


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