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A friendly attempt at communications

So here’s an update (you can read about what started all this below).

I sent the copies of my books proving that The Bureau was my creation, and I attempted again at connecting with Whitney, but to no avail.  The game is now out and reviewed in Game Informer. The review reads as follows:

Music is muddled by too much repetition, confusing plot with balancing issues, and low replay value.

It got a 7.5 overall, which is not terrible. 2K Marin, best of luck to you. Contact me anytime.


Recently I blogged about how 2K Marin is releasing a new game called The Bureau Declassified, and the staggering amount of similarities between their version of The Bureau, and my Version of The Bureau (which was conceived around August of 2011 and published through Eternal Press in the Lokians series in August of 2012)

Naturally I was a little peeved, and feel I may have blogged a bit aggressively. Having calmed down, I want to keep all my friends and supporters posted on the actions to come. I have tried to link up with Mr. Whitney on LinkedIn. Oddly enough we hover around some of the same connections, but are not connected to one another.

He viewed my profile, but did not accept my invitation.

My next step is to mail a friendly letter. This is basically the letter:

Greetings from: Aaron Dennis, creator of the Lokians science fiction series.

It may interest you to know that your upcoming release, The Bureau Declassified, is almost entirely based off The Bureau from the Lokians series. I’m not upset; on the contrary, I think we might be able to help one another out.

In lieu of some drawn out legal debacle, I’d like to reach out to you. You may either send me an email

or call me directly


Included in this package are the first three novels in the Lokians series. You can also find free Lokians based short at

The titles include: Skirmish, Extraction, The Planet Machine, and Apollo

For more information on the similarities between our two ideas you may check my blog: or

So, I figure the friendly greeting, and free copies of irrefutable proof, might entice Mr. Whitney into conversation.

Some of you have suggested legal action. I don’t think it’s feasible though because even if I were victorious in court, the resolution would simply demand they change the title of their game. Then they can keep everything the same, but call it, I don’t know, Alien Chasers. What I’m saying is, I like the fact that someone had a similar idea, and that both ideas are obviously worth pursuing, but I’m hoping to make contact with Mr. Whitney in order to form something.

Wish me well. Thanks for reading.

Quick update: The letter and books were sent, but I have not yet heard anything. It’s only been about a week, and I know they’re all very busy over there in California. I’m still hopeful though.


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2 responses to “A friendly attempt at communications

  1. A nice measured attempt at a friendly resolution. I hope you get a good response and a nice outcome. Best wishes.

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