A better query

So, some of you already know I wrote a new novel called From Blood, and that I’m really trying to land an agent. I’ve done just about everything I can think of. I’m pretty sure the book is amazing. There’s even a professional review comparing it to Beowulf, Excalibur, etc.

After months of rejections from agencies and even more no replies, I decided to give up.

No I didn’t. I’m just playing.

Actually, I thought about looking into what the problem just might be and found that my novel might be gold, but my query letter might be crap. So, after a great deal of research, I present this. My new query letter.

What do you think?

Good morning, Agent Blah. I found you through X-market. My name is Aaron Dennis. I’m pleased to see you are seeking to represent new authors in the genre of fantasy adventure and would very much like the opportunity to present you with a legend; my newest novel, From Blood.

This novel has already been professionally reviewed and was compared to Beowulf, Excalibur, and The Lord of the Rings.

From Blood is the epic tale of a hero, who has lost everything but his resolve. Dysart-a castrated mute with the Daemonic powers of Sang Daemanus-wields tremendous magic to slay the very beast, which bestowed those powers.

Both his grandfather and father already tried, but failed to destroy the Daemon; Salamandrus. Dysart’s mother was killed by the Daemon’s servants leaving the hero to only one path- the path to bloodshed, the path to vengeance, the path to use Salamndrus’s magic for retribution.

Resolved, Dysart sails to Volgunther, home of the Cayneians. Shipwrecked and alone, he travels forth on the island, which was home to his forefathers but is now little more than a desolate wasteland. With evil rising from every darkened corner, pouring rains, and sun that never rises, the warrior finds new friends and new enemies as he trudges ever onwards to the Daemon’s tomb.

Every adventure requires a hero, and a damaged hero who drinks blood or uses it for ritual tattooing, has never been portrayed like this. Aside from the foreboding imagery, timeless struggle between good and evil, emotional turmoil of lost friends, and relentless fighting, From Blood permeates with a sense of hope, justice, and mental resolve.

This epic, set in a rustic time period of Daemons, magic, and blades, runs at 73,388 words and is unlike any other tale out in today’s market. It is, however, very much like The Illiad-a sort of timeless classic one no longer finds.

Below you will find all the information, which Agent Blah has requested. Thank you so much for your time.