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Shadowman and a bit about it

I tried to speak, but she tightened her grip when I started. Clearly, she wanted my mouth shut, so I just sat there for a while. I relaxed and closed my eyes. I felt myself drifting off, but she shook me out of my reverie. – From Shadowman, the Shadows

Shadowman is a novella broken in to four short stories, each one continuing from the previous.

We start by meeting our protagonist, who is never named or described in order to draw the reader into the story.

While running off to a liquor store in a fictional version of New Orleans, our protagonist witnesses a murder; the murder of a Shadowman by a Shadowman, and so Bear and Snake – two spiritual powers- go to war.

The dying Shadowman, a follower of Bear, gives the protagonist the residue of his shadow powers. This knocks our main character out cold. When he comes to, an old Creole woman lets him in on the goings on of the Voodoo world.

Many concepts outside of Voodoo are loosely woven into the stories. The bulk of the ideology is actually from Carlos Castaneda’s teachings. Being versed in those teachings made writing Shadowman an easy task, or rather, it made creating the stories an easy task.

For anyone looking into a new age-ish, spiritual, dark, fictional read, Shadowman is a great way to go. You can learn more about Shadowman by checking out the publisher’s site here

watching the trailer here

or plus 1-ing the google page here

Stay tuned for more.

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