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Shadowman, coming to life

I walked out the door. The orange street lamps clicked on as though they awaited my presence. Streaks of orange and pink fire lit the western sky as the sun set. I was unusually tired. My feet felt heavy, and I wanted to sit and close my eyes. I yawned as I stretched my arms over my head and pressed onward.

As previously blogged, our protagonist-called Adja because he is a descendant of the African tribe-witnessed the murder of a Shadowman. Receiving the dying man’s essence, Adja passes out. When he wakes, an old Creole woman is tending to him.

She reveals herself to be a practitioner of Voodoo among other things. In order to stay alive in his changing world, Adja has to learn what she has to teach, and quickly. Shortly after their first conversation, the old woman reveals that it was her grandson who was murdered, and that the murderer-a follower of Snake-will hunt for Adja.

Adja-now a follower of Bear-must learn hexes, how to communicate with nature, and communicate with spirits. This is mostly done by traveling into the Otherside, a go between for the worlds of men and spirits.

Spirits in this case doesn’t refer exclusively to the awareness of deceased people. In fact, it mostly means the essence of things, or the ocassional living being that never had a body-Carlos Castaneda’s “Inorganic Beings”.

A funny thing I found when creating this story is that there was a game called Shadowman that also dealt with the practices of Voodoo. Unfortunately, I had already submitted my story for print, but it isn’t a big deal, I guess. The plot and setting are totally different, and the worlds in which the characters live function under different rules. Besides, that other game company took one of my ideas after it was in print, so all’s well that ends well.

But back to the story-

So Adja trains for his final showdown with the murderer, the follower of Snake. Upon avenging the death of the old woman’s grandson, the spirit of Bear appears to accept Adja as a true practitioner, a true Shadowman. The story does not end there.

Since the novella is written as four short stories, this only comprises the first. The following stories subsequently pick up from the end of the previous, or within about 6 months.

The second story involves Bear calling Adja to action against a “Ghost Spirit”, a follower of an animal guide who is no longer in existance. In this case it is a woman, who follows Dire Wolf-a creature that went extinct a long time ago.

This, again, is a concept from Castaneda’s books, but I don’t delve too deeply into it. The focus of this story is to bring other Shadowmen to Adja’s aide, and so we see the return of Rat and Jackal, characters touched upon in the first story.

The three warriors undergo some crazy rituals to find where the ghost spirit is hiding. When they locate her, they travel through a vortex, and into her plane of existence where they do battle.

For anyone looking into a new age-ish, spiritual, dark, fictional read, Shadowman is a great way to go. You can learn more about Shadowman by checking out the publisher’s site here DamnationBooks

watching the trailer here Youtube

or plus 1-ing the google page here Shadowman

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Sounds fascinating Aaron.

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