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Losing Human


Losing Human is one of my sci fi shorts, and available for free at smashwords

Just search for Losing Human.

Normally I’d put the link up directly to the story, but it’s undergoing some revisions.

Smashwords has a premium catalogue. They use this to provide authors with a broader array of sales potential. However, it requires a bit of work on the author’s part- totally worth it.

First I had to fix some minor stylistic issues. Then I bought a new cover. Like it? Cost 5 bucks on Fiverr.


Losing Human is a story of Doctor Steven Heisler, roboticist. He is a cold and calculating individual struggling to obliterate the limitations placed on man kind.

Starting with his girlfriend, Great’s, grandfather’s funeral, Heisler is distant and critical. Then, Heisler receives a call from his compatriots of Project Human. The cat MRC, or a robot cat, is successful.

The four team leaders of Project Human; Heisler, Schlessinger, Dekker, and Jenkins, are all set to move onto the next phase of Project Human-uploading the brainwaves of an ape into a robot ape body. During these trials, Heisler’s mother passes and he is faced with confronting human emotions.

After facing his family, Heisler concludes that emotions are just chemical reactions and have-or should not have-an effect on the physical structure; the human form. Heisler redoubles his efforts to push Project Human to the final phase-uploading human brainwaves into a robot.

Unfortunately, the trials with Franklin the ape do not go well, and Project Human faces funding issues. Heisler decides to bypass the linear outline, and convinces his team to upload his brainwaves into a rudimentary robot body, which is Bluetooth compliant in order to access the data stream.

Trouble ensues for everyone when his human corpse is discovered.


Aaron Dennis’s writing is clear and compelling. He uses several tech-y words and situations, making the story believable. Losing Human raises many questions in today’s technological advances. Many intellectuals believe that human-computer evolution is inevitable. Part of this story reminded me of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
Is eternal life possible? I believe that it is, but in Heaven and not through a machine. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was possible and the folks inside of the world’s elite inner circles have their own personalized machines to live on. This short would make an excellent episode of Twilight Zone. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more from Mr. Dennis. I recommend this short for anyone, especially sci-fi lovers. 4/5 Stars

You can find the whole review on Goodreads

I’m trying to jazz up my website Once everything is said and done, there’ll be a page devoted to this and other short stories. So, stay tuned for more.

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