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“I’m getting some rest,” Wilheim said. “We should rise early on the morrow. Jorunhaal, our king has placed you in charge, but I am the one who knows the worst kind of danger is the one the eye does not see.”


This short fantasy adventure borders on horror; a short story written with a hint of rustic appeal.

There’s a king, Eidon, from a land called Ilteriel, and after defeating some barbarian tribes, his wizards find some sort of power. King Eidon sends a group of men to investigate by way of sailing the southern ocean, a place believed uninhabited, but the expedition find more than they bargain for.

Jorunhaal, a warrior of the heroic type, is set to lead the party of the expedition, but the mage, Wilheim, argues that the island upon which they landed is fraught with hidden dangers. After a slight argument, they all go to sleep on solid ground for the first time in a month.

After Jorunhaal chooses a traveling party, the group wanders away from the beach. In grassy hills they are set upon by small werewolves. A battle ensues, and one party member falls while another flees to a watchtower.

Inside the watchtower, the found compatriot attacks the group. The wizard of the party quickly dispatches him, and now frightened, the remaining members of the expedition try to return to the beach.

Arriving at the beach proves just as dangerous; lightning tears their ship asunder, and so the entire expedition treks back to the watchtower. There, they hope to camp for the night and in the morning they planned to seek a different way off the island. After all, the wizard of the group believed others had lived on the island, and that they had left somehow, but the night doesn’t end, and eventually, the wizard convinces the group that the only way off the island is to destroy the evil, which lives beneath it.

This story was my first fantasy adventure, and was meant to help me create a world so that I might write a full length novel. I did. It’s called From Blood and will be released soon, but that’s a tale for another time.

Perhaps the genre fantasy adventure isn’t accurate; both stories, Expedition and From Blood, are quite gruesome and might be better catagorized as fantasy horror, or maybe adventure horror. I don’t know.

At any rate, check this one out. It’s free. If you read it, please rate and review it.

Click to be taken to the short stories page. While you’re there, nab your free copy of Losing Human.


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