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The Desolation of Smaug is for Children

I’m actually kind of a fan, right? Who isn’t? I mean, sure, the book The Hobbit; There and Back Again was pretty good, and naturally the cinema has adjusted the story for today’s audience, but what is fantasy adventure really about?

Monsters? Certainly.

Dragons? Usually.

Riches? Often times.

Adversity? There ya go.

Adversity requires a character of resolve, and that character’s resolve must be tested, and is usually tested externally: Orcs attack, but also internally: Bilbo eventually is unable to fight off the ring’s effect.

Now, I don’t about you, but I’m an adult, and I want my fantasy adventure full guts, blood, and gore. So, I wrote my own fantasy adventure, and I’ve glossed over it in recent posts. From Blood is the tale of a castrated mute named Dysart, who gave his soul to the Daemon, Salamandrus, in order to wield bloodmagic.

Dysart’s resolve is tested every step of the way: from crashing ashore onto an island where the sun never rises, to fighting off hordes of gruesome beasts, to watching friends fall in battle, to battling his own bloodlust, which grows every time he imbibes.

“Apologies…I am myself now,” he mumbled. “I finally understand why Fausto did not venture here himself…I thought it was the wounds, but consumption of blood would have healed him.”
“Yes,” Erimte’ ventured. “Fausto was turning, and feared becoming what Tigueron is now…what you are becoming.”

Dysart is tested externally by the Daemon, and tested internally by his bloodlust. It’s an amazing book, really, and I’m excited to say it will be available soon. With a little luck, I’ll have the cover art on display in another week or two.

You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Oh, wait! You’re probably wondering how a mute talks, right? Ok, ok, here.
Dysart returned to stretching his skin, and jabbing blood into his throat. Randall knelt beside him remaining quiet. Once the completion of branding culminated, the scream followed suit.

Bloodmagic has a few different categories; runes, brands, seals, summons, gates, and of course, imbibing. Branding is basically tattooing blood into the skin.

Pretty cool, right? More to come soon. Thanks, everyone.


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