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Cayneian Cover Showing

“I know,” Dysart interrupted. “I’m well aware of everything that’s happened. That Daemon believes we are its playthings, but I will show him different. I will do this…for mother, father, and you, grandfather.”

The cover for Cayneian

This is the official cover art for Cayneian a Man From Blood


My original title for this new project was From Blood, but after a preliminary search, I found another title under a similar name. I like Cayneian though. Dysart is referred as such on numerous occasions in the book plus adding A Man From Blood just sounds cool.

It won’t be too much longer before this fantasy adventure is released.

To set the premise, and whet the blood lust, I prepared a portion of a  brief synopsis:

Cayneian: A Man From Blood opens with a poem regarding the ritual of Sang Daemanus, the blood ritual given by the Daemon Salamandrus to twist his followers into creatures of madness.

The prologue tells of a time before the story; it tells the story of men coveting power.
Upon finding power, they freed the Daemon. Then an expedition, warriors from a far away land, came to the island. They, too, faced the Daemon.

This refers to the short story Expedition

What became of the expedition is unknown, but the Daemon’s lies has called one man to action.

Dysart is a practitioner of Sang Daemanus. Though castrated and muted by removal of the tongue, he wields incredible magics.

On the island of Volgunther, Dysart meets a friendly man. This fellow sets Dysart to the east, where he can use his magic to talk to others in town. Dysart is looking for esper plants to strengthen his magic.

Arriving at where the town was presumed to be located, Dysart finds only ruins, and man able to cast spells of fire-a pyromancer. After the two work together to fend off Houndlings, or tiny werewolves, they decide to travel towards Etmire Abbey.

A fierce rain does not let up forcing the two men to rest in a den. Once the rain lets up, they make to leave, but are set upon by Croakers, or frog-like men. The two dispatch the monsters and continue their journey.

More complications arise at the Abbey. Dysart is forced to tell his story to a guardian knight, a protector from the Ordo et Crucis.

“Atoning? No, it is more than that. The Daemon has demolished everything dear to me…so much so that I was willing to give myself to it,” he answered. “Understand this is a necessary step towards defeating it. Fausto, my grandfather, had hoped to spare me of this trial, yet my father has failed…”

Let me know in the comments what you think of the cover. I purchased it from a seller on his user name is goodfauzan if you like it.

I’ve touted this tale quite a bit…once perfected I’ll make certain to let you all know of it’s availability. Thanks for reading.


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