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Are we in the internet

This was a strange thought, which occurred to me in the middle of the night.

Do we know, I mean really know, that the universe isn’t some digital construct created by a “master race” or “supreme being”?

Think about it.

We exist to experience, categorize, and share information.

Is it possible that within our internet there exists pseudo-self aware entities that do the same thing?

For all we know, what we call the universe is just an expansive piece of software or some super-complex code and outside the code is a wired physical construct.

Ok, I’m pushing the boundaries here, but what do you expect? I write sci fi.

It is certainly possible that some “supreme being” or “master race” built a series of super computers, wired them together, and started sending information to other areas, and within that supreme internet we exist to facilitate the spread of information. After all, look at the development of information.

Cave men painted on walls. Information was not mobile. So, we etched in small stones, which were of little mobility. Then we moved to papyrus or canvas, paper, whatever, and information was relayed from place to place within short distances. Next came to printed press. Those people certainly never considered moving information at the rate we do with the internet, and what’s next?

Web 2.0 is coming and utilizing IPv6. We won’t even notice the change. One day information will just move just at the speed of light or faster, truly instantaneously.

How many times has sci fi become sci fact?


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