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Spots of a Leopard

This is the cover for Spots of a Leopard

Cover for Spots of Leopard

Spots of a Leopard – a journalist grows up
by Aernout Zevenbergen

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“Spots Of A Leopard – a journalist grows up” is a quest to discover the meaning of modern-day manhood. When internationally acclaimed journalist Aernout Zevenbergen moved to Kenya in 1997, he had no idea how deeply his encounters with joy and sorrow in Africa would effect him. Writing about the most inspiring as well as the most disconcerting facets of life, Zevenbergen learns how to grow up.

Paragraph from Spots of a Leopard :

Estimates of the prevalence of hiv amongst the largely unprotected and ill-informed sexually active population of Kenya reaches as high as 15 per cent. It is reported that seven hundred people die daily of aids–related diseases, with the City of Nairobi itself losing up to twenty experienced and educated staff per week. Confronted by these figures, and after pressure from civil society and international donors, Moi agrees to import three hundred million condoms that year to be distributed freely. But the myths around condoms have by then already grown roots. It is those myths that Ochieng has to fight.

This appears to be a very candid look into the author’s life. I don’t know for certain how much is real and how much is entertainment, but you can decide for yourself.


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