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the cover for shift

Shift book cover

by Madison Dunn is a YA Fantasy

I’m not sure why it happens, but when I focus just right, I can slow time. Things around me become lighter somehow, and I almost feel the tiny particles of energy spinning inside of them. The thing is, having the ability to transform the world around you isn’t all it’s cracked up to be — especially when you are running from the Valencia without any deodorant.

This is an excerpt from the novel-
Jealousy is a tricky thing. I want to tell them I’m not going to steal your guy, I’m not even sure I like guys. But it’s too late. I’ve been identified as “the new girl” and this phrase, this label, will inevitably attract male attention. Several from the football clan are already starting to fall over each other, trying to show off.

“Dude, can’t wait to kick some ass at the game tonight.” A taller boy in a red jersey elbows another boy glancing back in my direction.

“Jeremy, pull it together. Let’s focus. We have a lot of things to accomplish today,” Mrs. Hennessey orders the room.

I sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Just as my blood pressure is returning to something normal, a tall boy with dirty blonde hair struts into the room and looks directly at me. Stunned, I glimpse the corner of his lips curving up to smile before I turn away. His green eyes are mischievous. He looks like a real life version of Peter Pan. He hands Mrs. Hennessey a pass and sits down two desks in front of me.

“Patrick Flynn, you always have a pass!” Mrs. Hennessey laughs.

“I know you like them,” he grins.

Mrs. Hennessey laughs and swats at him playfully. “You are too much.”

Who was this guy? Who gets away with that? Come in late and schmooze the teacher? I can’t focus on the assignment and find myself staring half-angry, half-curious, at different parts of him during class. Something about the way he moves, he is so comfortable; every part of him looks effortless. His hand falls loosely off the desk and reaches into his bag to take out his notebook. I drift in and out of focus between expository sentences and the composition of muscle and bone sitting two desks in front of me.

The bell rings and I follow him out the door into the hall where we are swept up in the traffic of the hall. If you didn’t know any better you would think it was some kind of emergency evacuation. He high-fives three different people as he passes easily through the crowd. I lose track of him somewhere in the 600 hall and make my way to gym class. I almost forget about him until tennis practice.

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