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Lokians is scifi for 22nd century

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the cover for lokians 2 they lurk among us

Lokians 2

The docking station had many, massive steel contraptions. Due to subtle variances in ship designs, the platforms or lifts, positioned vessels after landing. Subsequently, a docking manager maneuvered the lift to align the airlocks. Unfortunately, there was no way to hide the ship, but there were no prying eyes, at least none that mattered to Montrose.

the phoenix

a picture of the phoenix

It can be surprisingly difficult to create an entire universe, and yet writers do this everyday. Still, I think it is even more difficult when writing scifi as for the most part we are creating, utilizing, and trying to describe concepts, which do not exist. Certainly one can use analogy and hope that the audience is imagining something that is at least close, or fun for them. I think I nailed it in my Lokians series.

A little excerpt from Lokians: Book2 They Lurk Among Us

The Phoenix was just outside the Gemini system. Bragg punched in coordinates for Hellsview and hit the F.T.L. drive. The war bird lit up in the expanse of space as it bolted off like a beam of light. The distance from Hades to Hellsview was quite extensive but no known wormholes were in proximity. More than fifteen minutes passed before the Phoenix came upon the first wormhole. Then another ten minutes to the second. Upon reaching Hellsview’s domain, the Phoenix powered down to normal speeds. The prison colony came into view on the trisectional viewing screen.
“Captain? I’m picking up massive residuals,” Navigator Roberts replied.
Roberts was a young, black woman who had served on the Phoenix for a long time. She and the deck hands combed over the readouts on the Phoenix’s state-of-the-art bridge. As Navigator, her duties used to involve plotting courses, assisting with small calibrations, and providing all relevant data not reported by the AMS. With Captain Bragg in charge, her duties were greatly diminished.
“What the hell is this?” Bragg asked out loud.
What Bragg and crew saw was unsettling. Off in the distance, eight vessels sat drifting about. As the Phoenix drew closer, Bragg noticed all of them were standard guard ships, employed by Hellsview’s security detail. They were easily recognized by their boxy design and custom paint job. Guard ships utilized the standard, large plating throughout the fuselage. The medium-sized ships simply listed about aimlessly, their black and red paint contrasting the void of space.
Conversely, the Phoenix was designed for battle—as well as planetary travel. This was the reason for its many, tiny plates. Different planets and atmospheres wreaked havoc on a standard frame and hull. The many plates allowed for flexibility as well as expansion and contraction.

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Biologically diverse aliens, cool ships backed by sci fact, and determined, sometimes humorous characters; this is what scifi is supposed to be. Lokians-they’re comin’ attcha!

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