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The Heart of Applebutter Hill

the cover for applebutter hill

Applebutter Hill

Imagine you’re 14 and in a strange country with your camera, your best friend and her dog. You uncover a secret and are instantly in danger. Join Baggy, Abigail and Curly Connor as they sneak around Bar Gundoom Castle and row across an underground lake. The powerful Heartstone of Arden-Goth is hidden nearby, and a spy is unleashed to seize it. Compelled to unmask the spy, they can’t trust anyone.

As summer heats up, their troubled friend Christopher is viciously bullied and an armed stranger terrorizes Abigail and Baggy. The friends disagree about the spy’s identity, but are convinced it’s a teacher. When a desperate Christopher shows up one night with a terrified cat, the truth is revealed. Soon, police are involved.


“Help us, Abigail,” said a bodiless voice, “the Heartstone of Arden-Goth must not fall into their hands.”

It was the same thing the voice always said. The problem was that, when Abigail awakened from these dreams, all she could remember was that she was supposed to help someone. But, how could she, of all people, help? She was a refugee from the Isle of Adiaphora. If Mrs. Plumkettle and the Mission hadn’t rescued her, she’d still be a vagabond. She probably wouldn’t even have Curly Connor.

She was also living on the fringes of two worlds. She wasn’t totally blind, and there was no way of knowing if or when she ever would be. Nevertheless, she couldn’t see normally. Her sight had become a wild animal — beautiful and dangerous. It was an unpredictable, ever-changing display of shadows and blurry glimpses, tunnels and glaring light. The only things she could say for sure were that she couldn’t see at night, and that her peripheral vision was … well, gone.

Abigail stirred in her recliner and stopped her magazine. She knew she’d had the dream again. Her eyes unfocused, she tried to remember. The details, however, were just out of reach. They seemed to be retreating into the carriage house itself.

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In this book, the author states that her proceeds go to providing to braille books for the blind, and that’s pretty cool.




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2 responses to “The Heart of Applebutter Hill

  1. Thank you for including my novel! I really appreciate it, and yes, we are raising funds to have the book Brailled and distributed to blind students.

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