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Stepping on Mars

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Stepping on Mars

Stepping on Mars by Damien Darby

From fleeing apartheid, sleeping on floors and showering at the local YMCA, to becoming perhaps the most prolific man in the modern world; Elon Musk is an exemplary figure. Everyone should hear about his tale, and be exposed to the prolific changes he is bringing forth into the contemporary human condition. From SpaceX Rockets to Tesla electric automobiles, Elon will soon have us stepping on Mars.

This is an unauthorized biography; a pseudo collection of data by an admirer, but what does he have to say?

The second he stepped on stage during the Daily Show with John Stewart, I knew there was something absolutely fascinating about Elon Musk. Since I published this ebook…

• The Falcon 9 has successfully done its work, and the Dragon delivered supplies to the International Space Station.
• Tesla Motors is about to be the front runner in an explosive Electric Vehicle revolution.
• SolarCity is going to be at the head of the pack when it comes to the American solar power innovation bubble.

I dove head first into the digital realm, performed some Google wizardry, and spent countless hours in my dark room investigating Elon, SpaceX, Tesla Motors, and SolarCity.

You know what I noticed? There’s no real biographical data on this man. Insanity! In the last month alone SpaceX was mentioned in the first 2012 presidential debate, and Elon won an award from Popular Science magazine.

The thing is, he’s humble. The man exudes unrestrained intelligence – not for some egotistical reason – in such a way, as no one around him feels inferior or misplaced. His pleasant and neutral tone is inviting, and makes it easy for him to announce almost unbelievable things without coming across as crass, snobby, or completely out of his mind. As I listened to him for hours, it was as though I were encountering words that felt subtlety displaced from ulterior motive. This man has nothing to prove, and that’s exciting considering what he’s achieved; what he’s aiming for.

I read through plenty of articles that mentioned his ability to attract prominent individuals to his cause almost effortlessly, everything from presidents to big shot NASA engineers. In many respects, his vision of the future seems insane at first, nevertheless, a wide array of the most powerful interests have been attracted to and surround him, of their own accord. He’s truly changing the world, and if more people know, then they can get on board and help bring our cultures into the 21st century.

He barges on stage with this hulking awkward gate, then sits down and immediately lays siege to my whole reality. Sure, what they talked about clutched my ambitious heart, but it wasn’t what he said, but what the man is that sold me. Fast forward into a few hours of research and I was walking on air. I am 32 years old and I haven’t been enthralled about something like this since I was in college and dreaming of one day conquering the world. Elon Musk hasn’t conquered it either, and he doesn’t want or need to, but he’s playing a massive role in re-shaping the course of our species upon it, and beyond.

No matter what curious mind is scanning these words, detecting their worth, I invite you to read what I have to say about this man, because I believe it can refresh you in the way it did for me. I believe it can enhance and evolve your perception of humanity itself, and our cosmology. Too many people are held back, including me, by thinking in small terms. The usual drama of life sweeps us up and we forget that anything and everything is possible, if we just direct our minds towards whatever it is we want to accomplish. Too many people simplify their internal realms. Furthermore, we tend to align our thinking on the human level only. Elon Musk is concerned for the lifespan of life itself, not just ours. While he is definitely at the forefront of creating a sustainable future for us on Earth, with solar cells and electric cars, he is simultaneously seeing to it that life has its eggs in more than one basket in our galaxy. So should anything drastic happen, consciousness will live on. Consider the magnitude of that idea. See, that’s what I mean, before Elon zoomed into my reality, my thought patterns were vibrating on an, let’s be honest, inferior level. Now, I feel my spirit coming alive and my mind truly realizing how much potential we as a species have. I found hope in studying Elon.

I never heard of this Elon guy before, but there’s a lot of us with wonderful ideas on improving the world. I’m gonna throw myself into the mix with my next blog post. For now, consider buying Stepping on Mars on Smashwords.









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