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A sci fi future to space exploration

So what is the space program, really?

First, they wanted to send something off of Earth. They did.

Then, they wanted to send a man into orbit. They did.

Then, they wanted to walk on the moon. They did.

Then…the just sent a bunch of probes and rovers to the moon and Mars.

Then…………..they built a space station, and that’s pretty cool.

So what is the future? Well…here it is…as I see it; Lokians style:

NASA retires the space shuttle employing new technology to survey the Sol system. This technology includes top-secret probes and satellites. By assembling them on the ISS there is no need to fight Earth’s gravity requiring little fuel. Miniature ion propulsion engines powered these probes and satellites. Once released into space the engines constantly accelerated surpassing the speed of any known rocket.

NASA detects great deposits of precious resources. Naturally this information finds its way to the public ear creating some political debate. The governments of Earth waste little time in squabbling over how to spread the wealth.
-P.S. you realize these actions send the Green Movement into overdrive? Instead of the government bickering at us about our Carbon Footprint how’s about they do some proactive and set up my space exploration program.

A new shuttle is built in the year 2021 and openly marketed to the public as a new hope for the future, The Galileo. It serves to shuttle discovered materials to the space station where engineers manufacture mining probes needed for the extraction of extra terrestrial materials. These mining probes are launched from space, land on asteroids, locate deposits, and retrieved minerals. Upon their return minerals are scanned, logged and subsequently shipped to Earth. All aspects of this project are employed remotely to conserve the Human resource.

-P.S. Seriously! No more strip mining in Africa for Nickel, Cadmium, or Lithium and no more destruction of their water supply. Mine from our moon, our asteroids, whatever and bring it back here!

A new age begins in which resources no longer need to be withdrawn from Earth itself. This causes a great political shift ending the global climate change conspiracy. Enough extra terrestrial resources are recovered to spur the safe and cheap building of Lithium ion super capacitors. This new source of power provides clean energy supplied at little cost to consumers. This also allows companies to provide power while remaining privatized. New shipments of Lithium, Iridium, Gold, and other precious metals are also secured and the wealth of the world increases. Squabbles over debt ceilings and national deficit are forgotten as politicians argue over real matters, particularly in the U.S. and China. These matters range from state laws to freedoms and rights.

As time passes Earth continues to flourish. The governments of the world finally come together. Arguments for and against a One World Government are made resulting in a united military force. A unique system of checks and balances is employed. Different governments may ask for permission to utilize a small part of the Military force but the remaining governments come to vote in order to allow or deny such usage.

This prevents war on a global scale as well as a worldwide revolt. When questioned, the majority of the world’s citizens did not want to be ruled by one giant machine. They did however, want to unite and truly come together as Humans, as people, and as citizens of Earth.

-P.S. this part might ever only be sci fi.

The Pentagon devises project Safe Haven wherein NASA builds several stations and sustainable colonies within the solar system. Over the years the new colonies flourish, one-by-one they expanded towards the unseen horizons. Colonial life becomes the only way of life for many of the new generation. These young minds have never and might never visit Earth. Military schools train and educated the children. Upon reaching the age of 10 their parents have the opportunity to enroll them in the Navy and other branches. These children are on the edge of the last horizon.

By 2097, eleven colonies are established in and outside the solar system. The most successful colonies are the Alpha colonies. They are interspersed through out the Alpha belt, a chain of asteroids. The engineers of asteroid Alpha-6 finish a great new ship to land on Eon, a planet much like Earth, in the Gemini system found at the ends of the Orion-Cygnus arm. Eon is surveyed for many years. The Horizon program chose Eon as a suitable first planet because it is close enough to the twin K-class stars Gemini that it has an abundance of liquid water.

Rovers land and collect data on the flora and fauna, which fall into familiar niches. Insects live amidst plants and trees or in the dirt. The plants release oxygen into the atmosphere, animals breathe the oxygen, convert it to carbon dioxide sustaining the plants and trees. The agricultural specialists seek this haven and organize a methodology for colonization. Eon is a new Earth.

Apart from the lack of intelligent life the only real discernible difference between Earth and Eon is the light cycle. Gemini are small and weaker suns than Sol but Eon is closer to Gemini than Earth is to Sol. The scientists and engineers marvel over the vids showing two spheres of orange light in the sky. It is never as bright as Earth but there is never any real nighttime either. After a few years of long distance data collection, the Horizon program decides it is time to move in a little closer. Admiral Lay, head of the Horizon program, sifts through the ranks and finds the most suitable team for the mission.

This is all from the Lokians: Book1 Beyond the End of the World appendix. There’s lot’s of other fun stuff too like reasonable but yet to be created technologies. If you like this Lokians stuff, maybe you go like Lokians on Facebook!


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