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I don’t know when it all came about, but I think this whole rent an ebook concept is pretty awesome. It probably started with Amazon’s loan a book option.

The concept is identical to Netflix or Hulu or whatever; you sign up for a monthly fee and read the crap out of whatever ebooks have made their way into that specific program.

The good thing is that-for the most part-only well written titles with professional grade editing make their way into these programs. This does two things. 1. it helps to make a good name for indie writers and 2. it restores the good name of reading.

If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, you can check out these sites.


Oyster who actually takes ebooks from Smashwords’s premium catalog, and only properly formatted ebooks make this cut. I also think someone reads them to make sure they’re quality ebooks.

Nokbok this one is under construction, but looks promising.

Apart from making it more enjoyable to readers, these venues also pay participating writers royalties based on loans.

I want to know what both readers and writers out there think. Good? Bad? Ugly? Share your thoughts.


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