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What is a Thewl

thewlian concept art from lokians

thewlian concept art

Easily recognized by their extreme height and girth.

A thick translucent membrane covers their entire bodies with the exception of the mouth.

They are mostly red and pink though purple veins as well as other colors run through their anatomy.

They have no visible nose, backwards knee joints, and an extra knuckle to each finger.

Well that’s a loose description… Thewls are race of aliens from the Lokians series, and they play an integral role throughout the series.

The following is from the Appendix in Lokians Book3 For War and Glory

Surveying Eon
July 2111
During a survey mission on planet Eon, led by Captain O’Hara
of Earth Navy, the special operations team discovers alien beacons.
Soon after, Admiral Lay makes first contact with a race of
aliens called Thewls.
A detailed exchange of information occurs. The Thewls agree
to convene on Eon with the Navy’s spec ops team. At this meet
and greet, the Humans come to learn that a second race of aliens
called Lokians are on the prowl. This devastating force ravages
the galaxy by demolishing advanced civilizations. Lokians
also harvest technology for strange, physical, augmentations.
Ambassador Weh of the Thewls proposes a plan. A unified front
between men and Thewls is the only solution.
Careful deliberations occur behind closed doors as Admiral
Lay slowly sequesters himself from the mission. Suddenly, the
young Captain O’Hara is in charge of the Human’s most delicate
mission in military history. He leads his team aboard a Thewlian
Explorer, after which, he and his crew join the Thewlian Admiral,
Yew, in a search throughout the galaxy for a weapon to wield
against the so-called impending threat, the Lokians. This weapon
is kept secret from nearly everyone on Horizon colony, including
the Admiral’s second in command, Rear Admiral Shaw.

One of the cool things about the Lokians scifi series, or at least I think it’s cool, is the Appendix. In each book you can find all sorts of Intel on aliens, planets, technology. Here’s more on the Thewls.

These aliens are one of the larger races in physical stature, but
one of the smallest in pure numbers. Long ago, their home world
was destroyed by a Lokian attack. Since then, they have migrated
by way of four Carriers, immense ships on which they live.
Some attempts at colonial life have been made, but no colonies
have been deemed successful. Because of their long lives, over
five-hundred years, Thewls have mastered many ideologies. They
wield extravagant technology, superb medical techniques, and are
still a military force to be reckoned with.
Thewls are easily spotted by their enormous, physical stature,
translucent skin, reversed knee joints, and color cues. These cues
are, in actuality, a chemical reaction registered in their faces to
portray emotion. They are normally very even keeled. On occasion,
a drastic measure may elicit an emotional reaction. They all
appear to be very curious about other lifeforms and their cultures.

I don’t know about you all out there in internet land, but sci fi needs some super cool aliens, the likes of which have never been seen before. Go Thewls!


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