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Shadow Tower

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Shadow Tower

With the new year comes a new facet of Dennisauthor. The game review.

Shadow Tower is a From Software game. These guys are great at releasing first person hack and slashers, and this one dates back to 1999.

The graphics aren’t the greatest, possibly worse than King’sfield 2-another From Software game in the same genre, which came out in 96 I believe.

At any rate, Shadow Tower has some strange nuances. There is no music during game play. Kind of weird, but it adds to the realism-surrealism?-of the game and forces the player to utilize the sense of hearing as well as sight; the enemies, a multitude of monsters, make distinct noises.

On occasion, if you stand still for a little while, you hear crying, laughing, breathing, an assortment of weirdness.

So, it’s like this:

You’re some dude, who enters the Shadow Tower…which is like inverted. You always go deeper down, never up. Maybe that’s why it’s Shadow Tower. So, you move through different regions; the human region, the fire region, the monster region, etc all on this quest to get a crown.

The crown, apparently, was worn by some King Edward. His use of it obliterated whatever town the Shadow Tower was in…so you’re trying to get it. There isn’t anything overly complex about the game, just move from area to area and mow down whatever stands between you and the crown.

Oddly enough, there is no map, no compass, no idea where to go, like real life. It’s most redeeming quality is the weirdness it presents. As a writer, I think there’s an untapped potential, the kind of potential utilized in modern games like Assassin’s Creed. Regardless, I give it 4 stars. If you like dungeon crawlers, and experience nostalgia for old PS games, try Shadow Tower.


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2 responses to “Shadow Tower

  1. M.Gate

    I haven’t played this games during the PSOne era. Maybe I’ll hunt for it now.

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