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The Burning Sun

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The Burning Sun

The Burning Sun by William J Benning

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The adventure continues for Billy Caudwell, the teenage First Admiral of the Universal Alliance Fleet.

The Bardomil Empress, eager to avenge the defeat of her Imperial Fleet at the hands of Billy Caudwell, acquires a weapon that can generate super-charged solar flares and incinerate entire planets.

And, as if that’s not enough, Billy also has girl troubles!


Well, not too much to go one for a description, but let’s dive in…

Ok, the first two chapters are a history of Earth, but if you can get past the info dump…

With the Black Rose safely established in orbit, Billy sat forward in the single chair of the shuttle’s Command Cabin and activated the signal button on the central Control Pillar that stood out from the floor. A stealthed Ranger Patrol vessel would receive the signal and know that the recent arrival was not hostile and would maintain its vigil over Billy Caudwell’s home planet. A few moments later, the Black Rose’s teleporter pad activated with a blinding flash to herald the arrival of another recipient of the signal. When the dazzling flash had subsided, Billy watched calmly as an identical copy of himself stepped away from the mechanism.

“Good evening, sir,” the Billy look-alike, wearing denim jeans and a blue sweatshirt, announced his arrival from the planet’s surface.

“Good evening, Jed,” Billy replied completely unfazed by the appearance of his exact double, “have I been a good boy today?” he asked as the twin altered his appearance, by deactivating the shielding on his Personal Environment Suit, and reverted to his true form in an Alliance pale blue uniform overall.

Jedithram Prust, known to Billy simply as Jed, was a Thexxian who served in the Alliance Fleet as a Supply Technician. Shorter than the average adult human and possessing the olive skin of his species, Jed had the striking pink eyes and a single nostril planted firmly in the middle of his face. Watching the alien manifest in his own form, it still amazed Billy that all intelligent life in the universe followed the upright humanoid shape imposed upon them by millennia of Garmaurian genetic manipulation.

Not too bad actually, I think. This piece of scifi, and a series at that, is also reasonably priced, but most importantly-it keeps me interested.


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