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People of Cayne

The cover for Cayneian

This is the official cover art for Cayneian a Man From Blood

Cayneian, the story of a man, who gave everything to acquire Daemon magic yet not to use it for power, fame, glory, or war. No, Dysart, clan Bloodhammer, a man from a people called Cayne from the island of Volgunther was trained by his grandfather, Fausto, to accept the Daemon, Salamandrus, but to betray him, defeat him, and end the horrible practice of Sang Daemanus.

Dysart is a character like Angel from Angel, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin off. He is brooding and tormented, and from a young age he was subjected to the evil ways of Salamandrus. Due to his grandfather’s inability to travel to Volgunther, and due to his father’s failure in achieving the culmination of the ritual of Sang Daemanus, it falls to Dysart to vanquish Salamandrus, and so the story begins with Dysart crashing ashore the island of Volgunther.

Some question why Fausto sought to end the practice of Sang Daemanus. It is a simple answer. The power contorts the will of men who practice; they are relegated to being but slaves of the Daemon; Daemons themselves.

Sang Daemanus is bloodmagic and through the use of runes, brands, summoning, sealing, and imbibing, the practitioner must use blood.

“Animal blood is weak, if effective. Human blood is strong, if unsavory, but Daemon blood, aye, that is where the root of evil is centered.”

These words tell the tale of what transpires throughout the different stages of practice. In the beginning, a practitioner uses animal blood to place runes upon his skin. These symbols can give strength, speed, resistance, all manners of magic. Drinking the blood also provides some degree of strength, regeneration, and heightened senses, but no man can simply stay with animal blood. Eventually, they all move to human blood, for it is potent, and the Daemon speaks to practitioners in their dreams, coerces them.

With a taste for human blood, practitioners slowly but surely turn towards evil, and may even utilize summoning, the ability to call lesser Daemons, in order to torture them and take their blood, so that blood can be harvested for imbibing. This act, imbibing, is by far the greatest achievement for it creates an undiscernible rage within the practitioner, and to hate, and to commit evil acts, and to imbibe, slowly turns the man into a Daemon.

On the island of Volgunther, and resolved to remain human, Dysart has but one goal in mind; to slay the Daemon by way of a secret plan concocted by Fausto after years of torturing Daemons from realms outside those of Salamandrus’s grip. There are, however, others on the island with quests of their own, and only together can they fend off the unrelenting onslaught of Salamandrus; to journey to Castle Golvundehr and into the Tomb of the Sealed, where it is that Dysart must free the Daemon from an ancient prison to kill it.

Unfortunately, Dysart has little choice but to use his magic, and imbibe, and along the journey he must use every ounce of his resolve to stave turning into a Daemon.

Still available on Smashwords though will be moving soon to KDP and Createspace.


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