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Dragon Spirit

Dragon spirit cover

Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirit is an old arcade game adapted to the Nintendo Entertainment System. As such, it was easier on the home console than the arcade, but for us kids who did not have a cache of prized quarters, begging our parents for a game as a Christmas gift was the way to go. Fortunately, as all games were way back then, it had a high replay value; the kind of thing which is all but gone with today’s games. Now we rent, play, and return without so much as leaving our homes.

In this scrolling adventure you play as a human, who by use of some magical sword, turns into a dragon and poof, off you go to fight the evil Zawel-the dude calling monsters into the world to wreak havoc.

It’s an overhead view, and the blue dragon (if you made it out of the first stage without getting killed) shoots balls of fire to kill aerial enemies and drops some kind of exploding white ball to kill grounded attackers.

I must have been 6 or 7 and lacked the ability to beat the game in standard mode (the blue dragon), so I always got myself killed in the first stage. This let me play as the gold dragon, which made the game easier, but provided a weaker ending.

Apart from cut scenes, something practically unheard of in the late 80’s, the music was absolutely astounding. I got a chance to play it not too long ago, and it brought back some fond memories of childhood; a little nostalgia for a simpler time when I still held some hope of magical dreams; something that probably only those who are children and watch ‘Harry Potter’ (2001) can relate to. Then we grow into adulthood, work, and get swept away by the demanding ritual we call life. Oh, and I beat it, too; super easy…

While this game can certainly be purchased on Amazon, I’m sure it can also be downloaded for an emulator (do people still use those?). If you you remember this game, I hope it brings back fond memories for you, too.

My rating for Dragon Spirit is 5 stars.


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