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The Secret Story of Ibrahim

cover for story of ibrahim

The Secret Story of Ibrahim by Anna Russo

Available on Smashwords

Ibrahim owned a field.

He had a field all to himself and this made him also extremely happy since no other child of his age and of his neighbourhood owned one.
One day, when finally arriving at the field and being thrown into a corner of the bag for the umpteenth time, he started pushing with his arms and legs.
He pushed and pushed so hard that he felt reborn again.

He had come out of the bag all by himself. The light was so powerful he had to close his eyes, and when he reopened them, he felt so big and strong that he was no longer afraid as he gazed upon that large yellow field; not even when he realized how the yellow was being swept by the wind towards the blue sky mingling together with the shout of his brother and friends and creating a small cloud, right above his head.

Ibrahim never forgot that moment and decided that he would, one day, own that field, despite his brother. That day Ibrahim was four months old and had just taken the most important decisions of his life. His enthusiasm was interrupted when a gust of wind shifted the little white cloud, a silent witness to what had happened. Then the sun slowly turned dark.

No sample of this book was given, but the above description made it sound weird as hell. Is Ibrahim a seed? No? He’s a kid who owned a field, but one day was going to own it? I have no idea what’s going here. Read at your own risk, right?


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