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The Lokians Giveaway on Goodreads

cover for lokians book1 beyond the end of the world

Lokians 1

With the end of the Shadowman giveaway-a huge success due to the fans-it’s now time for the Lokians Book1 Beyond the End of the World giveaway on Goodreads.

Beyond the End of the World is the first book in the Lokians sci fi series. In this exciting starter, we’re introduced to Earth Navy’s spec ops team led by Captain O’Hara.

Under orders from Admiral Lay, O’Hara and crew survey planet Eon, find ancient alien beacons, and establish first contact with the Thewls. These benevolent aliens explain that they have become a nomadic tribe traveling the far reaches of space because the destructive Lokians, an insect like race of monsters, has destroyed their home planet, and worse yet, the Thewls believe the Lokians will strike upon Human colonies next.

When O’Hara teams up with the Thewls and agents of The Bureau, a secret organization involved in alien research, the strange party of space warriors set off to find elusive aliens simply called travelers in order to stave off the impending Lokian invasion.

Tonight, at midnight, the Goodreads giveaway opens up to all entrants in the US. You can enter here and don’t forget to like Lokians on Facebook.



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  1. I got what you mean , thankyou for putting up.Woh I am glad to find this website through google.

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