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The Diary

The Diary

The Diary

The Diary by Graham Wilson

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The following, as with all of my Smashwords affiliate links, is copied directly from the Smashwords page. If you have the time, look carefully. You’ll see some rushed mistakes that many of us make, and why it’s sooo important to be as meticulous as possible.

A fisherman finds a unidentified head in a billabong in Northern Australia. What first appeared to be a crocodile attack turns into murder.

Susan is pregnant with a pyscopath’s child and needs to find out who this man was. She discovers his story within a diary and must decide about the child’s fate.

At the same time police are making links between her and thie murder victim.

This is the second book in the Crocodile Spirit Dreaming book series. It follows the consequences of the actions which conclude the first book, Just Visiting, where Susan a backpacker comes to Australia and gets caught in a terrible and terrifying relationship.

These consequences are particularly for Susan but also for her friends and others who are in Australia. Many are drawn into this web of deceit.

It comes to seem to Susan that the malevolent spirit of the crocodile which pursued her in the first book is slowly taking her over and she must make yet more terrible choices in order to save herself and ultimately her sanity.

But amidst this horror a thread of the good and the beautiful continues to draw her forward too.

So, apart from obvious typo’s, the description is a bit jumbled, which can often turn readers off before ever getting to the story inside the book. Furthermore, no sample was provided, which is a bit of a shame because generally speaking, Smashwords e-books provide a free sample. At any rate. Enjoy!


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