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Lokians and The Bureau

cover for lokians book1 beyond the end of the world

Lokians 1


What is The Bureau?

The Bureau, in the Lokians scifi series, is a private organization specializing in extra terrestrial research. While the first book hints at the Thewls being the very first alien race to make contact with Humans, the truth is that The Bureau has been dealing with proof positive aliens since the early 1940’s.

This secret organization has maintained its independence by utilizing alien tech and creating military grade technology. Since the 1940’s, and into the 2100’s, which is the time frame of Lokians, The Bureau has established contact with several alien races, developed quite the underground (and behind space) reputation, and has amassed more information than any race can shake laser stick at.

Comprised only of Humans, The Bureau has Humanity’s best interest at heart, and this comes to play throughout the Lokians series. Two very special agents of The Bureau, are agents Adams and Franklin. These two are present in every novel. In Lokians: Book1 Beyond the End of the World, they guide Captain Riley O’Hara in the right direction, and reveal a great deal of secrets while establishing relations with the Thewls and Yvlekesh.

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