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oDesk Domination: The Age of Freelance Begins

cover of odesk the age of frellance

cover of odesk

oDesk Domination: The Age of Freelance Begins by Damien Darby

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This ebook will teach you what you need to become a modern virtual worker and start earning great money via online freelancing platforms. Learn how to set up your profile/platform for success to dominate the global freelance marketplace regardless of how experienced you are. oDesk Domination is the real deal written by one of the highest rated freelancers out there who started from scratch.

oDesk and Elance are merging! Trust me, I live and breath this stuff and I’m telling you 2014 will be the year of the freelancer when virtual work goes mainstream.

Listen, contemporary online freelancing and the oDesk platform saved my life. This time last year I was literally one inch from sleeping on the streets. Now I’m living a completely new and absolutely exciting life!

No joke, and by 2020 70% of all working age human beings (this includes you) in the modern world will consider themselves a freelancer. We’ll all be making some or all of our money via virtual work!

I went from couch surfing in 2012 as an unemployed college graduate unable to see my daughter, to being in the top 5% of all contractors in the oDesk freelance marketplace sporting an inspirational 21st century career…within one year.

I’m another digital rags to riches story. Let’s make you one of the next.

My goal is to show you exactly how I did it and prepare you for what’s coming – the future of work. And, if I can do this starting with absolutely no prior experience or knowing what the word “freelancer” meant, you can too. I don’t care who you are. Whether you’re a current student, an unemployed graduate or just a human being with a family struggling to make ends meet…

If you’ve got an internet connection and some time on your hands, I’ll show you how to completely transform your life and become a well-paid freelance professional on oDesk or wherever! Flat out. Guaranteed. For current freelancers, my ebook will show you how to optimize your contractor profile so that you make more money and get better inbound jobs/clients.

The Things You’ll Learn from oDesk Domination Include:

– How to optimize your profile so that job offers come to you rather you having to spend hours submitting cover letters or proposals (Inbound Money to Your Inbox!). You’ll see results in as little as 24 hours (for 100% of my readers so far).
– How to start small and through building your freelance platform according to an easy to follow (platform building/personal branding for freelancers) system, grow into your own unique vision of success.
– How to deal with clients and increase your value in the oDesk (biggest in terms of freelancer earnings and growing everyday) marketplace quickly. This will translate into the 2 trillion global marketplace emerging and unfolding as you read these words.
– All my personal tips and tricks from my own perspective and in my own words. Straight from a proven and authoritative source! I currently work full-time for clients I meet on oDesk and through being an accomplished freelancer (yes all within my first year doing this).

Again, this isn’t hype. I provide you with a direct link to my personal website and my public oDesk profile where you can confirm everything.

After reading this oDesk eBook and taking my advice you’re going to see results within short order. Period. Your life is going to change.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The 3 Essential Ingredients & Freelance Success
Chapter 2: How Exactly to Set Up & Optimize Your oDesk Profile for Success
Chapter 3: How to Deal with Clients & Expedite Your Growth
Chapter 4: How to Develop Your Freelancer Platform on oDesk
Chapter 5: How to Expand Your Brand & Build a Company Around It

To have a solid freelance contractor profile is the equivalent to a owning a Fortune 500 company in my opinion.

Grab a copy now and optimize yourself for the future of work!

It sounds promising. Let’s have a look inside:

oDesk and Elance have announced a merger. If the papers go through they’ll essentially become one company by April of 2014. I have goose bumps people! I could seriously cry…

Holy Heaping Virtual Jackpot Batman!

My buddy in Stockholm woke me up in the middle of the night with a loud Skype call after reading the breaking headlines. We were so happy we both started dancing in our rooms in separate hemispheres.

Initially they’ll exist as separate platforms, but make no mistake, they’ll combine and become one of the most powerful forces in the technological world. You think Facebook and Twitter were big. Watch out! You just wait until this merger ends up giving birth to a global social networking platform for freelancers… I can’t wait to hear the name of the new company.

eDesk? oLance?

They’re combining their income and financing along with all of their algorithmic data. Right now 90% of the comments I’m reading are both negative and lack vision.

With that said, I want you to consider something.

We’re only at the infancy stages of a global workforce transformation and how businesses of all kinds connect with virtual workers. Both oDesk and Elance are doing a great job, but they command less than 2% (YES 2% FOLKS) of the total potential marketplace for you and me! It’s currently estimated at over 2 Trillion.

That Gary Swart is stepping down as oDesk CEO is sad, but it happens. However, here’s a quote from a recent Forbes article commenting on Fabio Rosati’s new approach (current Elance CEO, now CEO of the upcoming umbrella company).

…Ok, well, I’ve never heard of this oDesk or social networking platforms for freelancers. If anyone out there has some insights in this concept, I’d love more info. After all, indie writers are major freelancers in their own right, so a global network for us all to connect sounds amazing. Thanks.


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