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The Substitute 2 Schools Out

Unable to sleep last night, I stayed up watching a 90’s classic film…ok, maybe it isn’t a classic, but it’s a great 90’s nostalgia flick.

The Substitute 2: School’s Out 1998

The Sub2 features Treat Williams as professional mercenary Karl Thomasson. Now, this guy shows up to fake teach school while searching for the bad guys, who killed his little brother.

Apart from the stereotypical breach in culture between older white dudes and ethnic young dudes in the ghetto, is the classic 90’s action scene wherein the bad guys come in with fully automatic rifles, while the three good guys have semi-automatic handguns…naturally only the secondary character takes a bullet, but don’t worry, he’s ok.

I chuckled quite a bit during the whole thing. Honestly, the acting isn’t bad and the music score is decent, but it’s weird to see the monumental difference in comparison to today’s action flicks like White House Down 2013

My favorite part of the whole movie is the simple fact that B.D. Wong plays the villain, Mr. Drummond. You may know Wong from his role as Doctor Wong in Law and Order SVU

The plot in and of itself is fairly compelling, and the pace is rather swift-arguably swift at least. With decent writing, and pretty good actors, it’s a fun 90’s flick, if you like 90’s nostalgia…

At any rate, I guess I can classify this a movie review. So, I give the Sub2 3 of 5 stars.


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