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Consistency is key

It doesn’t matter what you do, should you enjoy it, it only matters that you do it well often…it doesn’t bode well to do it badly often, or to do it well only on occasion.

I didn’t know about what I was going to post today, I’ve been a little preoccupied with other aspects of my life, but while looking through my posts, I saw a comment marked for spam, and it wasn’t. In fact, the comment inspired this post.

Your posts used to be great, but the last few have been kind of boring. Get back on track.

That isn’t verbatim of course, but you get the point. I cracked up a little, and thought about which posts are better than others. Truthfully, I use some affiliate posts referring back to Smashwords as fillers when I’m pressed for time, and this is where doing something often, but poorly, can dig us into holes.

Most of my other posts, the ones from a few months ago as far back as a year ago have been about my novels, how I wrote them, actual clips from them, etc, but as time progresses, I find myself with less time for original pieces. This is why I have not posted any new excerpts from my own works.

Should I, then, forego a post and not be consistent? Or is it okay to have a few mediocre posts as fillers and risk losing followers?

This is a question for which I have no answer. Had I the time to write as much as I did even as recently as 6 months ago, my posts will all have been as good as the previous spree, but then they were much fewer in number.

So, I will try to either put more effort into my affiliate posts by inciting more of a discussion, or to write more original posts. B. T. Dubbs, I have entered into several contests and submitted to a few reviewers. Hopefully this will generate some steam…then there’s the Goodreads giveaways. Feedback from those are all soon to come, and if anyone ever wants to talk Lokians, I’m down.


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