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Highmage’s Plight

highmage's plight by D.H. Aire

highmage’s plight by D.H. Aire

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Professor George Bradley, computer staff in hand, “envisions” an archaeological site, which could turn history on its head. Then he falls through a ripple in reality. This is a world where a starship crash landed, bringing about a war, which led to the laws of magic defeating those of science.

He enters a world where: trolls think they are human; elves believe humans can’t do magic since they don’t have souls; a child of prophecy is dying of a curse; a shape-changer is bent on killing him; a seeress keeps too many secrets; and an ogre and a boy struggle to defend a keep against the evil ruling it.

This is a world where a starship crash landed, bringing about a war, which led to the laws of magic defeating those of science.

Here a demon rages, intent on destroying all life, its minions intent on killing the human mage from another world.

If that wasn’t bad enough, George’s computer is now rather sarcastic.

Well, this sounds like it’s either a great plot or a disaster waiting to happen. Let’s take a look inside.

And so the new age began in a battle of magery with the survival of humanity and the traitorous elves that had abandoned their mad liege at stake. It was a battle neither side won as the Guardian called up the Gate. It burst forth above them in the sky swallowed the roiling winds of the demon wrought life stealing magery cast by their once great king far to the north.

The clouds parted as the unicorn reared, sunlight bathing him. Estha McQuin rose, dusting herself off and shouting at her granddaughter and their people, “Well, you lot, show some hospitality to our friends! They look worse for wear than we do!”

The unicorn had watched as the goblins, descendants of the elves who had, out of fear, remained loyal to the twisted demonic shadow of the Elfking. They broke through the Imperial mages’ wards as they had too often over the centuries, but this time as the legionnaires fought to turn them back something was amiss.

Reinforcements!” a commander cried.

None came.

Scryers shouted, “We’ve lost our link!”

Goblins screamed, cutting down the legionnaires and their mages defending the borderlands.

The unicorn reared and called a warning that echoed through the ether that reached the latest Guardian of the Gate in his study, at the very heart of the Empire.

The stallion raced south, its goblins pursuers bounding ever closer. He had to see what other mischief the Demonlord had managed, that he might relay it as the Highmage hurried to sit before his fireplace to establish a full mental link, afraid of what he was to learn.

Chapter 1: Highmage’s Plight

Flames crackled in the fireplace, the room’s only source of light set along the center of the stone wall. Shadows were cast over the intricately carved thousand-year-old desk and stacks of books on Imperial history and magery piled high in every corner. The aged, silver haired Highmage sat facing the fire chanting a spell. The flames gyrated higher with every word and an image formed.

He felt the call from the Northlands to seek vision from the fire. The unicorn reared within the flames. Through the unicorn’s eyes, he could see Imperial troops fleeing before a horde of goblins. The kingdom of Gwire, for long centuries the Empire’s ally, had to have fallen by treason, allowing the Demonlord’s armies to wreak havoc there. The Highmage sighed, seeing smoke rising from the ruins of the overrun line of border fortresses. Goblins could be seen flowing out of it, the blood of their victims drenching their weapons and mail.

Thunder pealed outside, which shook the Highmage clear of the vision. As rain poured on the tile roof, he could hear the Demonlord’s laughter in that thunder. It had begun! The Age of Mankind upon the face of this world was drawing to a close.

Trembling, the Highmage, the Guardian of this world, knew that with the northern forces in disarray it would only be a matter of time before the Empire itself fell. Ancient prophecy held that should Gwire and its Royal House fall, the Demonlord’s victory was assured. So the Empire had pledged troops to forever defend the borderlands.

I am not digging the writing. It comes off bulky and mixes through a sort of haphazard narrative and pieces, which serve better in conversation, but then this is a short excerpt. Maybe you want to give it a chance.


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