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My first Poem

Sadness is a cold vibration
the connecting link
the one, which runs through to the core of the universe
It runs straight through to the core of our essence

Sadness is a pure feeling
a bitter-sweet pang we cannot deny
we cannot denounce
without sadness, so pure a feeling
there is no point in continuing

It is that driving force we follow
Like a Golden Eagle, whose wings are clipped
we remember a need for something
Something that is forgotten

That great bird with clipped wings
He does not remember soaring through blue sky
Yet he longs for something undefined
His sadness, our sadness is the same

We have forgotten our reason for being
We long for something, some aspect
It is this that we no longer recall
This is our wings clipped
Sadness is our link to the infinite

Daaaaamn! I just kicked poetry’s ass.

Lemme know what you think. Do you like it? Hate it? What about the style? Is it okay that it doesn’t rhyme? Is there some hidden meaning in there? Why are animals smaller today than 100,000 years ago. If we still have polar doesn’t that mean we’re still in an ice age? Oh, wait, I got off topic.


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