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My First

It’s finally time to write some new material. After my first round edits on my short story compilation, I decided the book as whole was too short, so I’m now adding what I hope will be a horror story.

I call it My First and it’s about a rapist. Here’s just a few lines, pre-edit of course. My only issue is whether it turns out to be horror, and not just…I don’t know, infuriating?

Warning, there are F-bombs

So check it:

I stopped by the coffee shop on my way home from work; it was ritual. Every night at 8: 47pm. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Nina was the barista. She was a cute blonde, petite; everything I like. It was two weeks ago that I finally introduced myself. Now she calls me by name.

“Hey, Pete,” Nina smiled.

I snickered a little and smiled back. She immediately got my usual. After putting the cap on my coffee, I swiped my card. She handed me the receipt, but before I took, I asked her out.

“I’d love to see you…you know, outside of here.”

Then came the look…that Goddamned look they all get; the nose crinkles, the lips turn in and up in revulsion, but the eyes…the eyes scream it: I don’t want to fuck you…you pig…you fucking creep! The fury inside me swelled, but I kept a cool exterior as the words came.

“Ohhh, sorry, Pete…I’m not really looking for anyone,” Nina said.

“No, no…that’s okay,” I replied still smiling. “I’ll see you around.”

So, I know it’s kind of a short post, but there’ll be some updates soon, and you can see the story develop…orrrrrr…maybe you have a suggestion. What do you think should happen next?

I think he’s going to place acetone on a rag and knock her out….


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