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Lokians Giveaway is Ending

cover for lokians book1 beyond the end of the world

Lokians 1

Scifi fans! You guys need to get on over to Goodreads and enter the Lokians Giveaway

There’s only one week left!

In Lokians: Book1 Beyond the End of the World you’ll learn just why the Lokians, an insect like race of aliens are so abhorrent.

“No, the core program is off so the ship can only connect to what we provide,” Levine responded.

Levine then sat at a monitor where she activated each program. They discovered the ship was simple to override. The results provided complete control over all aspects, save faster than light travel, subspace travel, and the feeding system. After several diagnostics they found the Lokian fed off varying degrees of U.V. light meaning that from time to time the Lokians had to make pit stops near suns to recharge the ships, not unlike plants use light to make food. It also explained how they replenished bioluminesance.

“Ho-ly cow,” Swain said as he read the data coming from the creature.

“See these readings?” Levine started but Swain was not focused on her.

With the creature up and running a mind-shattering occurrence took place. Swain saw how bioluminesance was condensed. Organic photons moved in circuit through the previously unknown protuberances. The photons were then re-routed through the tubes. Some tubes were hooked into energy storage organs, internal batteries.

“This is freaking amazing,” he said softly.

“What?” Levine asked.

“This alien powers all its systems by storing a condensed mass of photons,” Swain replied

“Great, all that’s left is their subspace capabilities,” she said happily.

Excitement gave way to irritation. Swain was still stumped on that matter.

Living spaceships, man. You can’t beat that!


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