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The Story Behind the Images

The story behind the images

The Story Behind the Images

From fashion to still life to alternative processes, take a journey behind the lens with the host of Photography 101 as he presents what went into each image and what went on behind the scenes. Explore a variety of photographic techniques while learning tips on how to shoot compelling fashion and portrait shots in the studio and on location. Also included is a how-to section with step-by-step instructions for creating a variety of alternative processes including infrared photography, image transfers, emulsion lifts, SX-70 manipulations, salt prints, and cyanotypes. As a combination coffee table book and how-to manual, this dazzling collection of images will engage and inspire!

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Well, if that doesn’t sound like a promising and entertaining lesson in photography, I don’t know what does. Unfortunately, we can’t take a look inside, but we do know Scott is a full-time visual arts instructor and part-time writer. He has written seven novels to date including “The Barcode Murders,” “Greshmere,” “The Collector,” “See Tom Run,” “The May Day Murders,” “Katherine’s Prophecy” and “The Edge.” He has also written a non-fiction photography book entitled “The Story Behind The Images” and is host of the popular photography podcast, Photography 101.


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