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Going it alone

Writing is a surprisingly tough gig…well, breaking out as a successful writer is. For those of us, who are published by either a POD company, an independent company, or have it done it ourselves via Smashwords or Amazon, we know that while our material secures a fan base, the money just doesn’t roll in (unless for you it does, in which case, I’m proud of you, but you’re excluded from this. lol) like it does for those published by the major houses.

What does this mean? That we need to be happy with our day jobs and moderate success? That we need to hope and let fate do as it will? Maybe…

Obviously, the more we write, and the more we listen to the audience, the better we do, but the real question is: what does the future hold?

In my quest to perfect the craft, and eventually land an agent that will push my material to people I can’t normally reach, I came across this article.

The Self Publishing Revolution

The information in there is helpful. Personally, I think contests are the way to go, and as the self pub avenue continues to proliferate, more and more contests are open to self pubbed authors. Many times, the top 50-100 entrants get their work before an agency. I mean, you can do seminars too, if you have the time and money, but then you gotta sit there and pitch your idea, which can be intimidating. Some of us are writers because we don’t communicate well off paper….this can be a real challenge.

So, keep you eyes open for contests, or, if you have a success story, please share it!

B.T. Dubz- I entered Cayneian into three contests, which I think I blogged about already. If and when things progress, I’ll be happy to let everybody in on what works for me. 🙂


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