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The Potato Clock

I wrote this…I’m not really sure what to think.

It’s kind of funny…maybe.

You know what? Let me apologize in advance. After you read this, you’ll know why.



My latest short story; The Potato Clock

Dr. Wisenheimer discovered that a clock can draw upon the electrolytes of a potato and power the clock. He thought about that long and hard. Then he thought some more.

“Hey, what if I use a bunch of potatoes to power my whole house?”

He set himself upon the task of potato gardening, and grew a great big bushels of potatoes. By running wires between all of his potatoes, he hooked up his whole crop to the power box and lit up his house. The glee lasted about five minutes. Then he was in darkness.

“Darn potatoes….” he cursed before going back to more long, hard thinking. “What if….what if I just grow one great big potato and use it?”

So, Dr. Wisenheimer set his mind to growing the biggest potato ever. After five months, he had a mammoth of a spud and hooked it up to his house, and then the potato revolution began.

People all over the world started growing potatoes and powering their houses, their offices, their apartment complexes. It was a golden age of spudding. The government was so happy that the populace became self-reliant they figured it was time to embark upon their very own potato quest, and they grew a potato in space. The spud, due to a lack of gravity, grew into a sphere miles and miles wide. It was so big and massive that it fell into a new rotational position in the solar system.

Once the spud was ready for testing, a group of astronauts settled into the potato planet and plugged all of their equipment right in to the ground. Lo and behold, it all worked. Before too long, people made a mad exodus from Earth onto the potato planet where they lived happily ever after. That potato planet, the one started by Dr. Wisenheimer’s potato clock, is now known as Spudily-7.

That’s pre edit, mind you. Took me about 10 minutes to write it.

Like it? Know of any other short stories that are humorous? I’d love to see links to them in the comments. Thanks everyone.


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One response to “The Potato Clock

  1. Very light hearted Dennis.

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